August 1, 2015

Lucky me, I’ve been on the Serengeti for a full week with nine weeks to go. I met with Naseeb and Donna – owners of Maasai Wanderings, which is one of the best, if not the best, safari guide services in Tanzania.

My purpose for being on the Serengeti for the next ten weeks is to assist clients of Maasai Wanderings with photo tips and information to create Photographs – not just snapshots. If my first day is any indication of what is in store, I’m in for a spectacular time on the Serengeti.

I arrived on the Serengeti by a local plane from Arusha to the Seronera airstrip. After brief introductions and loading into the safari vehicles, we started towards the mora. Ten minutes from the airstrip we saw our first pride of Lions numbering twelve – one large male, several females, and a number of cubs. One of the females had killed a Thompson’s gazelle. When she picked it up and started to leave I guess the male figured he was being cheated out of his share and began to chase her. It was a wonderful photo opportunity to catch the male lion chasing the female lion and yes, she got away.

About 50 minutes later, as we drove on our game drive back to camp, we spotted two leopards – a female and sub-adult in a tree. Though it wasn’t much of a photo op, it was fun to watch them interact.

We continue to have this kind of success all the way back to camp. Prior to actually arriving at the Moru camp we stopped at the central camp also owned by Nasikia Safari Camps for lunch, which was absolutely outstanding.

We continued our trip and a mile or so prior to reaching camp we found five lions in the trees. I first saw two kittens by themselves and then found two females and a sub-adult. Yep, another great photo.