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Birds of Tanzania that I have seen and/or photographed

Tom Whetten

Total species or subspecies seen 151
Total photographed 106

* indicates photographed birds.You can see some of the photographs in my African Bird Gallery.

Abdim’s Stork*
Abyssinian Scimitarbill
African Grey Hornbill*
African Crowned Eagle*
African Fish Eagle*
African Hoopoe*
African Jacana *
African Morning Dove*
African Wattled Lapwing*
Amethyst Sunbird
Ashy Starling*
Augur Buzzard*
Baglafecht Weaver*
Bare-faced Go-away Bird*
Black Crake *
Black Kite
Black-bellied Starling
Black-bellied Bustard*
Black-crowned Night Heron
Black-crowned Tchagra
Black-faced Sandgrouse*
Black-faced Waxbill
Black-headed Heron*
Blacksmith Lapwing *
Black-winged Stilt*
Blue-capped Cordon-bleu*
Blue-napped Mousebird
Broad-billed Roller
Brown Snake Eagle*
Cape Rook
Cape Teal
Capped Wheatear
Cattle Egret
Collared Pratinole*
Common Bulbul *
Common Buzzard
Common Fiscal *
Common Kestrel*
Common Ostrich*
Common Stonechat
Crested Francolin
Crested Guinea fowl*
Crowned Lapwing*
d’Arnaud’s Barbet*
Dark Chanting Goshawk*
Eastern Chanting Goshawk*
Egyptian Geese *
Fischer’s Lovebird*
Fish Eagle*
Giant Kingfisher*
Golden-backed Weaver*
Goliath Heron
Greater blue-eared Starling*
Great White Pelican*
Greater Blue-eared – Starling*
Greater Flamingo*
Green Wood-hoopoe*
Grey Crowned Crane*
Grey Heron*
Grey-backed Fiscal*
Grey-breasted Spurfowl*
Grey-capped Social-Weaver*
Grey-headed Kingfisher*
Hadada Ibis*
Hamerkop *
Helmeted Guineafowl*
Hildebrandt’s Francolin
Hildebrandt’s Starling*
Holub’s Golden Weaver
Intermediate Egret
Kori Bustard*
Laughing Dove*
Lappet-faced Vulture*
Lesser Grey Shrike*
Lesser-masked Weaver*
Lilac-breasted Roller *
Little Bee-eater *
Little Grebe
Long-crested Eagle*
Long-tailed Fiscal*
Long-toed Lapwing*
Magpie Shrike*
Marabou Stork*
Martial Eagle*
Namaqua Dove*
Northern White-crowned – Shrike
Olive Thrush
Ovambo Sparrowhawk
Pallid Harrier
Pied Crow*
Pied Kingfisher*
Pink Flamingo*
Pygmy Falcon*
Red & Yellow Barbet*
Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver
Red-billed Hornbill*
Red-billed Oxpecker
Red-billed Quelea
Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu*
Red-headed Quelea
Red-headed Weaver
Red-knobbed Coot
Red-necked Spurfowl *
Ring-necked Dove
Rufous Sparrow
Rufous-tailed Weaver*
Ruppell’s Glossy Starling*
Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture*
Ruppell’s Robin-Chat
Sacred Ibis*
Saddled-billed Stork*
Secretary Bird*
Silver-cheeked Hornbill*
Southern Ground-hornbill*
Southern Red Bishop*
Speckled Mousebird*
Speckled-fronted Weaver*
Spectacled Pigeon
Spotted Thick Knee*
Spur-winged Lapwing*
Steppe Eagle
Streaky Seedeater
Striated Heron*
Striped Kingfisher*
Superb Starling*
Tawny Eagle *
Temminck’s Stint
Usambiro Barabet*
Variable Sunbird*
Village Indigobird
Vitelline Masked Weaver*
Von der Decken’s Hornbill*
Wattled Starling
White Pelican*
White-bellied Bustard *
White-bellied Go-away – bird*
White-browed Coucal*
White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher
White-headed Buffalo-weaver*
White-winged Widowbird
Wood Sandpiper
Woodland Kingfisher*
Yellow-bellied Greenbul*
Yellow-billed Oxpecker *
Yellow-billed Stork*
Yellow-collard Lovebird*
Yellow-fronted Canary*
Yellow-necked Spurfowl*
Yellow-throated Longclaw*
Yellow-throated -Sandgrouse*
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