Milky Way Photographing Chart

Below is a guide for Photographers who want to know the best times and dates to photograph the Milky Way.  The times listed are approximate to start photographing ranging from 9pm to 2am.  The dates listed correspond to the start times for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.  Decide the time wanted and find the date or select the date and find the start time.  This chart is only a guide and like the Sun and Moon the Milky Way has a rise and set time.  For example, going out on July 31st in North America at 9pm the Milky Way is not visible because it hasn’t risen yet.

NOTE:  The Milky Way looks brighter in the Summer

Northern Hemisphere


9 PM

10 PM

11 PM

12 AM

1 AM

2 AM


Sep 29

Sep 14

Aug 30

Aug 15

Jul 31

Jul 16


Jan 25

Jan 10

Dec 26

Dec 12

Nov 26

Nov 11

Southern Hemisphere


9 PM

10 PM

11 PM


1 AM



Mar 24

Mar 9

Feb 21

Feb 5

Jan 22

Jan 7


Aug 12

Jul 28

Jul 12

Jun 27

Jun 13

May 29