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Antelope Canyon is actually three separate slot canyons located in the Antelope Wash – Canyon X, Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope.  All three canyons range in depth from 80’ to 120’, from 1/4 mile to1/2 mile long and widths from 2’ to 2’.

Canyon X is located on a private Navajo ranch with limited access.  The first of the three canyons requires some hiking and climbing.  Those wanting to photograph the canyon are required to hire Overland Canyon Tour in Page, AZ as they are the only tour company with permission to access Canyon X.   Canyon X

Upper Antelope Canyon requires a Navajo Nation Park Pass and that includes a 4×4 ride from the main gate to the canyon mouth two miles or so up stream.  Once there you are allowed about 45 minutes to tour this slot canyon.  However I suggest taking one of the photo tours that allows you two hours inside the canyon during the best photography light (mid-day).  The canyon is located off AZ route 98 about 6 miles from page. Upper Antelope Canyon is the easiest to visit; you are dropped off at the mouth of the canyon and have a flat 1/4 mile walk in sand.

Lower Antelope Canyon is located across AZ highway 98 from the entrance to Upper Antelope.  You are required to purchase a separate Navajo Nation Park Pass.  You are lead on this 45 minute tour by a Navajo guide.   However, if you carry a tripod you are allowed to enter and photograph by yourself for up to two hours.  This canyon is difficult as you start at ground level and have to climb down into the canyon then up several ladders as you wonder the canyon.

Listed below are the setting I used to take this photo.  I suggest you just keep taking photo while changing setting to see what you can capture.  Remember to throw sand in the air let it settle then photograph the reflected sun light on the dust.

Camera:          Canon 1D II

Lens:               Canon 17-40mm f/4

File format:    RAW

Priority:          Shutter

Metering:        Evaluative

f/stop:             f/4

Shutter speed: 1/30

ISO:                 400

Tripod and cable release