Northern Arizona and the Navajo Nation

Upper Antelope Canyon is by far the most famous slot canyon in Northern Arizona but by no means the only or the best. Other spectacular slot canyons on the Antelope Wash water shed are Lower Antelope Canyon and Canyon X. Additional spectacular canyons are Secret Canyon south of Page and Buckskin Gulch located in the Paria Wilderness Area.

Photographing slot canyons in Northern Arizona is generally best from March through October during the hours of 11am to 1pm. Shafts of light stream down from the 100’ ceilings creating spectacular photos during those dates and times.

All photographs are created by capturing reflected light on your film or sensor. Note, light in slot canyons will change rapidly while you are there creating an unlimited subject for you. That said capturing that reflected light requires some thought, time and equipment but never use a flash!

Play with your f/stop, shutter speed and ISO to create your interpretation of the canyons. The photos below were all photographed with the same equipment but with different settings, take a look.

To photograph most slot canyons I use:

Upper Antelope Canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon
Canyon X