Grey-Headed Kingfisher in Africa

Grey-Headed Kingfisher at Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania is a small but scenic park we visited on a February trip as part of my African Photo Safari. It is ideally suited for a few hour’s exploring and wildlife watching at the start of a safari and/or a morning at the end, as it lies on route to and from Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. The park is about 200 square miles with an alkaline lake covering about 140 square miles of it. The Manyara is an excellent place for bird watching and bird photography with flocks of Pink Flamingoes standing around the shallow lake and several hundred other species of birds including African Gray Hornbill, Grey-Headed Kingfisher, and Vitelline Masked Weaver.

The rivers and riverbeds provide scenic vistas for wildlife watching including elephant, giraffe, cape buffalo and wildebeest. Warthog seem to thrive here, growing notably fat with large tusks. Additionally this is a natural playground for baboons and several species of monkeys.

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