Many wonder what it is like to travel in Africa. Questions like; what are accommodations like, is the food safe to eat, is it tasty, what about the water, and how do I get around? All are good questions.

Accommodations in Africa

Mara Simba Lodge in Masai Mara on the African Photo Safari

Mara Simba Lodge in Masai Mara on the African Photo Safari

On my tours we stay in two kinds of accommodations, Lodges and Tented Camps. Lodges compare to any medium-priced motels in the US. Most have twin or queen size beds, ceiling fans, no air conditioning, and westernized bathrooms. Because these accommodations are located great distances from civilization they generate their own electricity. I’ve stayed in lodges and camps that are surrounded by electric fences to keep wildlife out and others that are patrolled by Maasai Warriors for the same reason.

Tented Camps are just that, camps that are set up with large walled tents with a thatched roof canopy over the tent to keep the sun off. Each tent has hot and cold running water, showers and toilets. The beds are just that, beds not cots with sleeping bags. They also generate electricity for the camp and guests.

Meals/water in Africa

Food at both lodges and tented camps is very good. Most meals are very westernized. Breakfast generally has two or three kinds of eggs, bacon, ham, toast, French toast, potatoes, fruit and a variety of drinks including fruit juices, coffee, and tea. Lunches are hot meals with meats, potatoes, rice, raw and cooked eatables, breads, deserts and drinks. Dinner will have chicken, pork, beef, maybe some game meat, two or three starch dishes, several different vegetable and fruit dishes, a couple of deserts and drinks including alcohol (drinks are always extra). Many lodges and camps serve their meals as a buffet.

Don’t drink the water, drink bottled water. To find out if ICE is safe to use and made from filtered water I always ask the manager. Most accommodations filter their water for ice as they use it for ice tea.

If you want snacks during the day you have to take them with you as Circle K’s and 7/11’s haven’t made it into the bush.

Transportation in Africa

African Safari Vehicles on the African Photo Safari

African Safari Vehicles on the African Photo Safari

Touring is from 4×4 extended vehicles with lift top roofs. These vehicles will seat seven plus the driver, however when I lead a tour I have two seats removed and only put four clients in each vehicle. More than four it is just too crowded. With the roofs in the up position even the tallest person can stand up to view wildlife and African scenery. Because wildlife is wild and dangerous you are seldom allowed out of the vehicle while on a game drive, generally two to three hours.

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