The Ngorongoro Crater in Serengeti National Park is a World Heritage Site and is a must on any photography safari to southeastern Africa.

The Crater is the world’s largest volcanic crater that has not become a lake or had its wall eroded away. The floor of the Crater covers about 100 square miles and is about 4,000 feet above sea level. The rim is nearly 7,000′ above sea level.

Wildlife abound in this closed environment with a population of close to 30,000 animals such as zebra, gazelle, and wildebeest. There are a few species of wildlife such as giraffes, topis, oribis, impalas, and crocodiles that do not reside there. Amazingly, all of Africa’s “Big Five” (rhinoceros, lion, leopard, elephant, and cape buffalo) call the Crater home.

Ngorongoro Lion Attacks Zebra

Ngorongoro Crater Lion Attacks Zebra

On one of my visits to Ngorongoro Crater I was able to photograph four of the “Big Five” wildlife with the exception being a leopard. I was able to photograph 12 different leopards on that safari, just not in the Crater. One of the highlights of the Africa photo safari took place in the Crater where I photographed a sequence of a large male lion attacking a zebra. Visit my Africa Photo Safari gallery to view the photos.

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